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Container paper

Date:2023.04.24   Views:411


 Under the premise of "reducing plastic and limiting plastic" and banning "white pollution", food packaging paper has become the most important packaging method. We can see that many food stalls will use disposable packaging paper raw materials, which has become the most common food packaging materials in People's Daily life. 

 Our company provides container paper, a variety of styles available, we have paper cup fanspaper cup sheetpaper cup bottompaper cup raw materialpaper bowl raw materialpaper plate raw materials and other raw materials, the paper sterile raw materials can direct contact with food, prevent penetration effect is good,which is thick, uniform in thickness, free of edges, good in toughness, safe in material, and can be used safely. suitable for food packaging. The material, size and printing pattern of the raw paper can be customized according to customer needs.

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