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We offer coated paper

Date:2023.04.14   Views:445


Our company coated paper has PE / PP / PLA three coating process, the one coated side  and two coated sides, we use coating machine will PE / PP / PLA plastic hot melt evenly coated on the paper surface, forming a very thin film, because it is hot melt on the paper surface, so combined with solid, make the base paper and film more appropriate, not easy to leave, can also present a better printing effect, and the whole process does not use any chemical solvent, very environmental protection, also can be in direct contact with food.

 The form of paper can be selected according to the needs of customers, such as coated paper sheet, coated paper fan and coated paper roll. We can also print the design of paper according to the needs of customers.

Coated paper is often used in food packaging,has moisture-proof, waterproof 、 oil prevention and other functions, our daily life of disposable paper, hamburger paper bags, melon seed bags, paper boxes, food paper bags, air waste bags are made of this material. In industry, it is mainly used to prevent moisture and waterproof, commonly used to stick on the surface of building materials, blocking water and gas into the plate interior. Therefore, the demand for coated paper in People's Daily life is also increasing. Our company insists on not only meeting people's demand for coated paper but also protecting our living environment.

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